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Tool Kit for afa-CWA Opposition

deltafa.org is providing this toolkit to give you resources that you can print out and distribute to your coworkers. 

Our activist friends are always kind enough to give us material to read.  We at deltafa.org feel that it is rude to keep taking without giving something in return.  Because in this hectic season you do not have time to go shopping for something appropriate, we have stocked acceptable gifts here.  Next time an activist hands you something in a parking lot, you can hand them something back.  We are sure that they will appreciate your effort.

All of these materials are printable on your own home computer.  We have grouped all of the printable materials from this deltafa.org on this page.  If there is additional information that would help you on the line, contact us and we will draft something suitable.

If your computer does not have the  free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it in order to view and print the articles on this page. Download the Acrobat viewer for free by going to the adobe.com site, or click on the Acobat Reader button.


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Deltafa.org Publications

Vicious Truths

US Airways Contract Flyer Vicious eTruths # 16
The AFA "Delta Busting" Plan Vicious eTruths # 15
Activist Promises vs. Union Reality Vicious eTruths # 14
The Rest of the Story - Why the AFL-CIO Needs You Vicious eTruths # 13
Doubt Vicious eTruths # 12
Vicious eTruths # 11
Interference Report Vicious eTruths # 10
Vicious eTruths #   9
Vicious eTruths #   8

An Open Letter to AFA Members

Vicious eTruths #   7
Vicious eTruths #   6
Our New Work Rules and Union Protection Vicious eTruths #   5
Vicious eTruths #   4
Vicious eTruths #   3
Vicious eTruths #   2
Vicious eTruths #   1

Materials that Deltafa.org Plagiarized from DAL

What a Union Can and Cannot Do for You

Contract Negotiations - No Guarantees

Getting It in Writing, Is that Really the Answer

Contract Negotiations - No Guarantees






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Last modified: December 13, 2008