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Deltafa.org Bagtags


At Deltafa.org, we feel that we are being ignored.  It is bad for our collective self-esteem. To feel better about ourselves, we are creating the occasional bag tag for you to put on your bag. Maybe this way we can make the next NMB Interference decision and have uncle Harry write about how bad we are.

Want to help us get the word out?  Use our bagtags.

Choose either the pdf version for easy e-mailing, or click on the image for a full size jpg version.

Get your "Say NO to AFA" bag tag.

This one is not ours, but follow this link

Get Committee 001  in PDF

Get Professional liar cutout sheet in PDF

Get Professional liar cutout sheet

We suggest that you use a royal purple ribbon to tie these to you bags.  This will symbolize how royally screwed we will be with afa-CWA representation.

Get DC 3 Parody in PDF

We still see the DC3 AFA bagtag.  Unless someone looks closely, they will think that this is the afa's tag.

Like the tags?  We have flyers too.  Follow this link

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Last modified: December 13, 2008