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Say NO to AFA Bag Tag and Mailing List


Have you seen the "Say No to AFA" bag tags around the system?  Do you want one?  

We have reproduced the email that we received below. (with one minor modification)


Hi, Incredibly Sexy and Intelligent Deltafa.org Webmaster:
Your name was given to us as someone who might be interested in our grassroots campaign.  If you are interested in one of these bag tags, please let us know and we will be happy to get a couple to you.  
Additionally, if you would like some extras to give to friends or like-minded F/As you may fly with, please let us know how many you would like.  We have them in packs of ten.  Additionally, if your friends would like some to give out to others, they can e-mail this address (sayNOtoAFA@aol.com) and we will get some to them as well.
What we need to know from you is:
    *  a personal, non-Delta e-mail address
    *  how many bag tags you would like
    *  a US Postal address where we can mail your bag tags
Please e-mail the above information back to this address (sayNOtoAFA@aol.com)
If you are not interested in this effort or any future mailings, we sincerely apologize for the mistake...simply let us know that you would like your name removed from our list and any future mailings and we will remove it immediately.
NOTE:  Please do not take more than you are willing and able to give out.  We are paying for these ourselves and are making them by hand so we don't want them wasted or simply laying in your bag.  The bottom line is, if you want some to give out, great, we'll give you as many as you need but please don't take more than you need...we can always give you more if you run out.
The one thing we would ask is when you give one to someone, whenever possible, please ask them if it is okay to include their name and e-mail (non-Delta e-mail address) on a distribution list we are trying to create so that we can include them on any additional information or resources we may have.  If they agree, please e-mail their names to this address and we will add them to our database.  Clearly, if they only want a tag and DO NOT want their name on an e-mail list, this is perfectly okay.


If you send away for one of these nifty bagtags, it is important that you give an non-Delta email address. Remember, Uncle Harry will be watching all of us.  Let's not feed his anti management paranoia.

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Last modified: December 13, 2008