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Other Groups Opposed to the afa-CWA


In the beginning, there was She Who Came Before and Vicious Truths. The Freedom Force followed.  We popped up in 2001.  Others followed in the latest election.   Our new colleagues from NWA have groups of their own.

If you do not like our particular spin on things, check out one of these sites/mailing lists/blogs.  If your group is not listed, contact it us, and we will post you.

Name Active Contact Information Notes
Vicious Truths Yes Click here Active!  She's back.
Freedom Force ?  Click to mail With retirements, there may be nobody left.
Deltafa.org barely deltafa.org Basic information, message board, mailing list.
Jose Ibarra Blog Yes Click here NWA F/A Helped decertify the IBT
Say No to AFA Yes Click Here Get one of those ubiquitous Say No Bagtags and join their mailing list
Marc's List Yes Click to mail Anti union information with some current events and general Delta knowledge from member of the DL LAX base.
FAInformation.com Yes Click here Information by NWA flight attendants
Michael Lehr Blog Yes Click here NWA F/A Blog
No Way afa - Facebook Group Yes Click here There is a growing anti afa group on facebook.  Click on the link to join. See your peers.
The Employee View website Yes Click here ACS website for those who do not want the IAM
AboveAverageJoeInc.com No  Click here We are not sure what to do with it yet.
Friendly Union Prevention and Avoidance Team Not Yet   Card is here


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Last modified: December 13, 2008