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Welcome AFA Members

Deltafa.org would like to welcome our association of flight attendants - Communication Workers of America (afa-CWA) represented colleagues. Many of you are visiting for the first time. If so, welcome. Look around and tell us what you think.

Our message is going to be much, much, different than the line your afa-CWA management is trying to sell to you. First off, the majority of Delta flight attendants are not interested in joining the afa-CWA. Aside from the usual suspects that you see over on www.deltaafa.org, joining the afa-CWA is just not a priority for the average Delta flight attendant.


The majority of us believe that the threat of a union is better than actually having a union. Historically, Delta has paid us a premium to remain non union. We all know that. In fact, even your International President admitted it at the AFL-CIO Convention in 2001. Even as she begins to once again pour your dues money and that or your parent union, the CWA, into another futile campaign to organize us, Delta has emerged from bankruptcy and is beginning to regain what we lost. In the coming months, expect to hear about Delta flight attendants receiving improved pay and benefits. Expect to hear this as Pat Friendís public relations team tells you how a majority of Delta flight attendants support the afa-CWA. Just like last time.

A good analogy for her continued quest for Delta is from the Charles Schultz Peanuts comic strip. Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown to kick. He never gives up, and she pulls it away at the last minute. In our case, we are holding the football for Pat, and we are going to pull it away at the last minute. Just like the last time, Pat will be sitting flat on the ground wondering what happened after it is all over.

You might be able to stop this madness. E-mail Pat and tell her that you do not support her spending your money on another Delta campaign.

Ask her just how many people are renewing cards now that we have received profit sharing, a restoration of work rules, and we are looking at getting another post bankruptcy raise? How much support is she expecting from our new NWA colleagues who realize that they are only a "no" vote away from a pay raise?

Is it fair that the "CWA" is paying "volunteers" 92 FPL hours to stop doing your work and start work on the Delta campaign? Can you afford to have these people away?

Email Pat

Moving along to the organization of the afa-CWA materials. We originally created this page to be an entry point for you to make it easier to find information that you may find interesting. 

If you are happy with afa-CWA representation, we understand. Many talented people generously give their time to try to make your careers better. Quite frankly, we would support a union if we worked for many of the other carriers out there, but this is about Delta. Feel free to read some of the reasons why a majority of Delta flight attendants did not support the afa in our last two elections.

Again, contact us if you have any feedback or ideas.



During the campaign, we published several articles that linked directly to information that the afa found embarrassing.  We believe that the afa responded by asking the publishers of the information to take down the sites that published it.   One article that we wrote, "A Good AFA Contract" linked you directly to the contracts of afa staff members.  Since we were all losing benefits and pay in that economy, the afa did not want you to know all of the perks that their staff members enjoyed.  

The information is now back up.  If you want to read the contracts follow these links:

Exempt Collective Bargaining Agreement
Non Exempt Collective Bargaining Agreement

Are you a flight attendant for UAL? Have you visited the UAL Communication Center?  The Communication Center is a discussion board for UAL flight attendants discussing issues.  Sorry, access is limited to UAL flight attendants.  

To try to hide the truth about the election from you, the AFA issued a press release blasting the NMB's Determination that Delta did not interfere in our election. Click here to read it.

Did you actually read what was contained in the Determination?  If you did, you will see that your union is not being straight forward with you.

UAL Management's opening term sheet - the afa-CWA said that you would never have to give this much.  How much did management actually get?

Do you wonder what your dues payments supported up to the 2002 BOD meeting? You know that $2.50 per month went to the Delta campaign to try to get us a contract. Click here to see a contract that the AFA signed that really protects the employee.  Is your contract this good?

Did you read the letter that Patricia Friend sent to you explaining her mistake at Delta?   You probably have not seen the Deltafa.org rebuttal to her letter.

This is old news, but the AFA once said that the AFA could get you a "Contract of Choice."  See what happened when deltafa.org analyzed the last US Airways contract.  This was before the US Airways bankruptcy and pay cuts.

Patricia Friend admitted in her speech at the 2001 AFL-CIO Convention that: 

"Over the years, Delta Airlines has maintained its union free status by keeping its wages up near the top of the industry and basically treating its employees well."

This begs the question, why did she spend your money on a losing Delta campaign?  Click here for more information about her speech.

The afa-CWA says  that the Delta campaign was about helping the Delta Flight Attendants.  Read the article on Big Labor.  It was not about Delta flight attendants at all.

For a complete list of our articles, click here.

To use our message board, visit Deltafa Talk

Please feel free to participate or e-mail us.  We really are interested in all opinions.






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Last modified: December 13, 2008