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Activist Promises vs. Union Reality - The AFA's Delta Busting Plan 

The AFA plan to Bust Delta

AFA Crushed in Worst Election Defeat in Recent History 

We won.  They lost.  Ain't life grand.

afa-CWA Loses, Yet Again

We won. They lost. Yet again.

afa-CWA Organizing 2004 - Campaign Notes

They're back and spending other's money

AFA Year 2000 Financial Report 

Where the AFA's money was spent in 2000

AFA Year 2001 Financial Report

How do you spell defisit?  While we don't know, the AFA sure does.

Association of Flight Attendants Director of Organizing Renounces AFA "status quo" stance

Wow, suddenly our wages and benefits are not frozen between certification and first contract.

Blast from the Past 

Pat Friend admits Delta flight attendants are paid equal to or a little better than union flight attendants. If so, why does she want to play in our sandbox?

Contract of Choice, or Contract of Deception 

AFA claims victory where the US Airways flight attendants lost ground

Deltafa.org's Dirty Little Secret

We have dirt.  Read about it here.

Deltafa.org Fingered 

We are sexy. We have a peeping tom.

Deltafa.org Incident Report

No silly, we aren't interfering. It's for you to fill out.


We cannot believe what the AFA tells us


And you thought the Bennifers were annoying.

Election Questions and Answers 

Election facts from you friendly neighborhood Government.

Finally, A Good AFA Contract

The AFA finally signs a good contract

The Delta Flight Attendant Forum

Some our current benefits from representation without taxation.


The AFA wants to give you something

How can I help? 

Uncle deltafa.org needs you.

How to Vote 

Read and follow directions.

If It Doesn't Make Sense, It's Probably NOT True

AFA Nonsense

I want to help.  How can I convince my coworkers not to vote yes? 


Investigation Results Explained

We virulently explain the NMB Determination

Our New Work Rules and Union Protection

We explain that the AFA could not have prevented the new work rules from being implemented.  No matter what the activists yell at us.

Pat Friend Says Delta Treats Us Well!

Read it for yourself

A Pilot Speaks Out on the Association of Flight Attendant's Organizing

Hey, pilots write to us too.

Preferred Method of Voting No

If you are going to vote no, this is how.

The Rest of the Story about Delta Organizing - Why the AFL-CIO Needs Us

Organized labor needs new blood and they are coming to suck ours

Strikes and the Scablist 

Union folks at their meanest and nastiest 

Union Officer Pay and Compensation 

What motivates our activists

Vicious Truths  (by Lynne Atwood)

When we were new and needed content, we stole Lynne's

We didn't want to win Anyway

We lost.  So did Deltaafa.org.  We are both losers.

What's a Fingerhut

Short quiz

Why Do the Activists Mistrust Delta?

What do you mean by that?




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