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Strikes and the Scablist

As you consider whether to support the Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (afa-CWA), another issue to consider is the issue of strikes and scabs.

Union members define a scab is someone who has either refused to join a union, or who has crossed a picket line and gone to work during a strike.  Once a person is labeled a scab, the label remains forever. How is this relevant to us? Well, if the afa-CWA can successfully organize a unified Delta, we will be expected to walk out.

As a union member,  our ability to make an individual decision to continue to work during a strike will be foreclosed. 

If you do not believe in the reason for the strike, afa-CWA will require you to walk out. 

If you could lose your house, the afa-CWA will require you to walk out. 

If one of your parents is sick and you need money to purchase medical supplies, the afa-CWA will require you to walk out.

 If your child is in school and you have to fly to pay the tuition, the afa-CWA will require you to walk out. 

Get the picture?

Before you vote for the afa-CWA, think very carefully. Do you want to be in a situation where the afa-CWA can dictate whether you work? Do you trust our afa-CWA activists to make the right decisions for you if they win the election? Do the premerger NWA afa-CWA officers look like they can be trusted to be rational?  If the afa-CWA comes into power and calls a strike, can you afford not to work? If your personal situation will require you to work, you will be labeled a scab and ostracized for the rest of your career.

You may feel that conditions at Delta are not bad enough to cause a strike, right? However, the very same activists who have been telling you all of these years that you have horrible working conditions and you are abused by the company will be the same union officers making the decision, directly or indirectly, on whether to strike. These are the very same activists who are participating on the afa-CWA Jointogether listserv. Join it and read it. They take a narrow, one-sided view of the issues. While their mean-spirited posts will not hurt us now, these same activists with the same mentality will be holding our lives and careers in their hands. 

They will be joined by the existing afa-CWA group from premerger NWA.  These afa-CWA officers have a history of hating their company. Do you trust them not to force a strike?

During a strike, the most extreme of them will be the self-appointed enforcers harassing you if your personal conditions require you to work.  They will take a one sided view of your decision to work, and will not consider personal circumstances.  If you want a background on union violence, read this article by The National Institute for Labor Relations Research

Do you trust these activists  with power over your life and livelihood? Consider this issue before signing the ballot.

To see how the ex-NWA mechanics view replacement workers visit the NWA mechanic scablist

To see how the American Airlines Flight Attendant union is still harassing its scabs from the 1993 strike, go to the following very public website to read their names. The American Airlines Flight Attendant  ScAAblist. (note: since the original version of this article was published, the list has been removed.  We have linked to the internet archives so you can see the site. Although we have an archival copy of the actual APFA scab list, we do not feel that it is ethical to reproduce it.)

The pilots maintain an industry wide scab list going back many years.  To view this scab list, follow this link  Industry - Wide Pilot Scab list  (note that this site has been taken down - this view is from the internet archives.  Expect to scablist.com go live when the next pilot group begins bargaining)

The best example of an airline industry scablist can be found at www.exnwa.com. It comes complete with pictures.  Remember, if we allow the afa-CWA to organize us and you know that your personal situation would require you to work,  your picture could end up on a site just like this.  Scary.

To see other scab lists and scab links, visit: 

Spirit Airlines - the most recent of the scablists.

Spirit Scabs on YouTube - Spirit goes YouTube.  Scary.  Crossing the picket line goes viral.

A TWA Scab Story - quasi-literature meant to make a point

Letter Carriers - mail men sometimes are not nice

More Letter Carriers - notice how this one asks members to "recruit" non members

IAM Scablist - Non airline - We hope the IAM at Delta goes away.

Some thoughts on moving people on and off the ALPA Scab list

Pictures of NWA Potential Mechanic Scabs

Non members of Local 7048  Note: This link highlights an important point.  If our coworkers elect the afa-CWA, and you do not join, you are a scab, even without a strike.

Article on strikers posting names, e-mail addresses, and home addresses of replacement workers and the court injunction to stop it

There are hundreds of these sites try a Google search using "scablist" or scab list

Do you think that we would never have this type of situation here at Delta?  Try this experiment on your next afa-CWA activist.  No matter how you feel on this issue, tell an activist that you would never join a union.  You think strikes are unethical, and you would cross a picket line with a smile on your face.  See how they react. 

Most rational people will find this mentality and these websites scary, but the mentality evident in these sites is the very real, very dirty reality of how unions enforce solidarity.   

Remember,  you will sign away your individual right to choose if you do not mark "no" and mail in your ballot.

The threat of a union is better than actually having a  union!



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Last modified: December 13, 2008