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Save $1,548.00! (at least) Guaranteed.

Want to save $1,548.00, guaranteed?  Here is how.  Dump the Association of Flight Attendants (afa-CWA).

You may ask, "how does dumping the afa-CWA save me at least $1,548.00?" Well, grasshopper, follow the bouncing decimal point. 

Currently, afa-CWA dues are $43.00 per month.  Over the course of a year, that equals $516.00 going from your wallet to the afa-CWA coffers without your being able to staunch the bleedout.   To stop this mandatory transfer of your wealth to them, all you have to do is withdraw your support in the next election.  Don't vote.  That is the way we say "no" 'round here.

As soon as we decertify the afa-CWA, you immediately lose the requirement to pay dues. However, if you still feel the need to pay, I am sure that they will accept it.  However, the majority of us will not pay.

"Okay," you say.  "I see where we can save $516 per year.  How do you get the $1548.00?"

While we at Delta have always felt that the threat of a union was more effective than actually having one (see flight attendant compensation page).  This is especially the case with a bad one like the afa-CWA.

WAAAAAAHHHHHHH, it's not our fault that our ___fill in the blank__  sucks.  circle one or more (PFAA, management, the IBT, the NMB, lack of flight attendant support, George Bush) did it. 

We think that you will all enjoy life without the afa-CWA and its many excuses after decertifying it. You will save $516.00 for the rest of your career.

However, if you agree with the minority here at Delta and can convince enough of us in the majority to support the afa-CWA in another election, the following will happen.  

After the afa-CWA loses the election, there will be a cool down period. Our guess it it will be a year at the minimum. ($516.00)  If the afa-CWA were to win any additional election, our dues obligation would not resume until we had our first contract.  Historically, the afa-CWA takes three years to negotiate a contract.  Assuming that they were able to do it in two ($516.00 x 2) we get the $1548.00 in savings. If it takes longer, we have more.

Folks, these savings are guaranteed.  This is not a promise.  Without a union, there are no dues. The afa-CWA is promising that as the largest carrier, we can have the best contract.  Well, UAL was the largest for a while, and the afa-CWA failed to deliver.  

We here at Deltafa.org prefer guaranteed money over the promises of the afa-CWA International and the 92 hours, Christmas off, FPL "volunteers."  We hope that you will see it our way.


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Last modified: December 13, 2008