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Since we are updating this site on an infrequent basis, we have included this page to tell you when something is new to this site.  Please check back here to see all that has been added.




5/30/08 afa-CWA loses again Well, if can say one thing for the afa-CWA, it is consistent.
05/30/08 Deltafa.org Mailing List We can now automatically mail you if you sign up. However, we do not do windows or make house calls.
03/02/08 GOT VD? The afa-CWA wants to give you something - updated
02/24/08 Can the afa-CWA Really Deliver on All of its Promises? Ask a Member. We have questions. They have answers.  They are not paid to sell the itty, bitty, subunit of the CWA to us.
01/30/07 Doug-n-Pat Strange, but true.
01/01/07 Incident Report We felt left out and wanted a report of our own.
12/04 afa-CWA Organizing 2004 - Campaign Notes They're back . . . . . . so are we.
10/31/03 Our New Work Rules and Union Protection AFA could do nothing to prevent 'em.
10/09/03 Hate Mail of the Weak Nastygrams from our biggest Fans . .
09/13/03 Pat Friend CWA Speech

(bigger sigh)

08/03/03 AFA 2002 LM-2


04/14/03 Freedom Force Takes Sabbatical The Freedom Force site is down, proving that nice sites do go down.
03/28/03 Update 2003-01 Update 2003-01, naturally.
03/28/03 Delta Flight Attendant e-news Not ours.  Something else that the AFA is bankrolling.
03/28/03 AFA Welcome Page Tweaked this a little.  
12/17/02 Deltafa.org Analyzes AFA "Rights Trampled" Press Release We don't feel "Trampled."
12/16/02 Investigation Results Explained We explain the NMB Determination.  AFA loses election, and Determination.  Do you think we are virulent? That hurts.
12/09/02 Update 2002-11 UAL Bankruptcy
10/30/02 Update 2002-10 This month was uglier than the AFA budget.
09/31/02 Update 2002-09 Latest update
09/31/02 Surviving the lean times Latest  Deltafa.org Talk "must ignore" forum.
08/31/02 Update 2002-08 Stuff.
07/29/02 Update 2002-07 You won't want to miss this 1.
07/28/02 2001 AFA LM-2 Guess who spent about $565,883 too much on pizza and sour-grape flavored Kool-Aid? Can you spell defisit?  We can't, but we bet the AFA sure can.
06/11/02 Update 2002-06 Frontier Freedom, HBO, and AFA Concessions.  Get your popcorn.
05/15/02 Update 2002-05 You thought we would miss May, didn't you.
04/29/02 Update 2002-04 Now you are updated
04/29/02 Links Added additional links to our page.  Yes, we are telling you where to go.
03/29/02 AFA home page The AFA will not give up.  Neither will we. AFA members look here for stuff to annoy your International President.
03/01/02 Union Interference Was the AFA bad to you? Tell Uncle Walter at Delta Legal.
02/25/02 Cross Check AFA organizing from a pilot's perspective.
02/04/02 New AFA International Forum We added a place on DeltaFA Talk to discuss the AFA.
02/03/02 AFA Crushed in Worst Election Defeat in Recent History  Freedom and democracy, one. Annoying whiney union, zero.  Score one for the good guys.
02/03/02 An Open Letter to our AFA Colleagues  We give our opinion why the AFA lost.
02/03/02 Contact Information Updated our contact information, begged for food.
01/29/02 A Pilot Speaks Out on the Association of Flight Attendant's Organizing Ever seen the bumper stickers on some pilot's flight kits that read " My union speaks for me?"  Our guess is this pilot does not have one.  He speaks for himself.  Very refreshing.
01/19/02 We didn't want to win Anyway We lost.

Deltafa.org's Dirty Little Secret . . . 

Our secret.  Revealed.
01/06/02 Association of Flight Attendants Director of Organizing Renounces AFA "status quo" stance Our wages and benefits are not frozen between certification and first contract.
01/06/02 The Delta Flight Attendant Forum 1996-2000 Accomplishments of the Forum
12/27/01 Pat Friend Says Delta Treats Us Well! AFL-CIO 2001Convention Speech about the AFA Delta Drive
12/23/01 If it Doesn't Make Sense, It's Probably Not True AFA' planned nonsense.
12/21/01 Link send button on home page This will allow you to send a link to deltafa.org to your friends.
12/06/01 Finally, A Good AFA Contract Highlights of an AFA contract
12/03/01 What's a Fingerhut Added question
11/29/01 Doubt Flyer Added Doubt flyer
11/28/01 Methods of Voting No  Deltafa.org approved method of voting no.
11/28/01 How to vote How to vote in the election.
11/28/01 Sample Ballot Added the Sample Ballot
11/28/01 Delta flight Attendant Homepage Updated home page for election move contents to welcome page.
11/28/01 Welcome Page Added Welcome Page for old homepage contents
11/12/01 Why Do the Activists Mistrust Delta? Added article on AFA and paranoia
10/29/01 Vicious e-Truths 16 Vicious e-Truths 16 added
10/28/01 Union Officer Pay and Compensation Union officer pay chart compiled from the Y2000 AFA LM-2
10/28/01 Strikes and the Scablist Added article on Scab lists and Strikes
10/27/01 AFA Year 2000 Financial Report The financial report of the AFA for 2000
10/18/01 Blast from the Past Old Delta analysis of a Pat Friend Letter.
10/18/01 New on Deltafa.org Page to show items new to the website.
09/21/01 Delta FA Talk Discussion Board feature added.
09/19/01 Vicious Truths  Added Lynne Atwood's Newsletter.
09/03/01 Deltafa.org launched In celebration of Labor Day, we launch this site.



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