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Hate Mail of the Weak

Over the years, we have been receiving all kinds of mail.  We receive fan mail, letters of support, letters of thanks, information, and advice.  However, our favorite type of mail is hate mail. Since the afa-CWA is bringing us a kinder and gentler campaign, we have decided to balance it by printing the best of our hate mail, and any thoughts that come to mind when reading it.   We would like to thank the little lady who provided our first "Hate Mail of the Weak" for the idea. 

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Nastygram, the first.  (Okay, we do not have anything good yet)

----- Original Message -----
From: DT
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 8:27 PM
Subject: Mission Accomplished

Are you happy now???????????????
No trips- missed vacation, auth.leave paid at 2:45 per day, no more duty rigs and most of all a PAY CUT for those of us who fly over 75 hours per month which is the overwhelming majority according to the Delta Survey from last year.
ALL of these things could have been negotiated but you and your ilk prevented that.
I just hope you and the Freedom Force are happy now.

Our Response . . . . . Got ILK?

And now, reality. . . .  The afa-CWA would have not been in position to negotiate any of this.  Historically, an afa-CWA contract takes about three years to negotiate. Since the ballots were counted on February 1, 2002,  it is highly probable that we would not have seen a contract until February 1, 2005.   In the interim, the state of the law allows Delta to impose changes to our rules and benefits. See this article

Assuming that our ilk did not prevent the afa-CWA from being on the property, the afa-CWA has a poor track record. Recently, it has been sitting at the losing end of the negotiating table at United and US Airways.  By the time the hypothetical negotiations involving an afa-CWA represented Delta were over, our pay and benefits would have still been changed (possibly worse), and Pat Friend would be getting Terry Erskin's (or his replacement's) coffee.  It is pure fantasy, to the point of delusion, to think that the afa-CWA could have made a difference.  

We appreciate you giving us the credit for defeating the afa-CWA, but it took more ilk than we currently can muster on staff.   It probably took more ilk than the Freedom Force has, even when combined with the ilk who are friends of She Who Came Before. The ilk that you speak of was the 71% of us that found the afa-CWA unfit to represent us. That is the overwhelming majority here.  


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