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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind deltafa.org?

We are.  We are line Delta flight attendants who feel that the Association of Flight Attendants (afa-CWA) is not fit to represent us.  We launched our site on Labor Day, 2001 in response to the afa filing for the first election.  Immediate result, Nancy Lenk and the afa organizing committee had to start writing deltaafa.org as deltaAFA.org.  It seems they were a bit put out by our existence.

Do you receive any compensation for maintaining deltafa.org?

No, we are unpaid and the expenses to maintain deltafa.org come out of our pockets. That is why we look so low budget.

Does Delta management control what is posted on deltafa.org?

No, management does not.  This site is an expression of our First Amendment rights.  We are solely responsible for its content. They just laugh.

Why are there no names associated with deltafa.org?

Deltafa.org is anonymous.  We did this for several reasons.  Primarily, our experience shows that once certain afa-CWA activists know a person's name, they begin personal attacks.  This unionization debate should be about issues and not people.  Therefore, to keep it impersonal, we do not use names.  Our second reason is that we do not want management to know who we are.  Sometimes, paranoia is healthy.

Why do you abbreviate the Association of Flight Attendants-Communications workers of America as "afa-CWA?"

We do this to illustrate that the afa is a merely an itty-bitty, tiny part of a much larger union that represents people from all trades. Hence, we use the lower case "afa" to represent the afa's smallness and an upper case "CWA" to represent the CWA's power and dominance.

Why is much of the material on the deltafa.org outdated?

We are flight attendants, and we have lives outside of Delta.  We maintain this site as we have time.  Therefore, we publish and edit as we can. If you see something that is so outdated that it is no longer helpful, email the webmaster. Better yet, revise it and e-mail it in.  We will take the credit.

How much of the information on deltafa.org is plagiarized?

As much as possible.  We are lazy.

Do you have a message board?

Yes.  It is at www.deltafa.org/deltafatalk.  Membership is free and anonymous.  You are welcome as long as you are not trying to sell Viagra, timeshares, or other spam.  Now, if you are giving any of the above away, we'll talk.

Do you have a mailing list?

 Yes. You can subscribe by following this link.  We, however, are having trouble figuring out how to use it.

Will deltafa.org always be anti-union?

It depends. As we write this at the end of 2008, we still feel that the afa-CWA is inept, and the main reason why it is trying to organize us is to hang onto the revenue from the current NWA-DAL dues units.  We believe that it is trying to scare the Delta group about  the NWA management that is coming over to Delta while trying to scare the NWA group about life without a contract.   Representation should not be based on fear.

Therefore, we are at this time antiunion.  We hope that the afa-CWA is decertified. We think that this is in the best interest of all of our flight attendants.

If it turns out that the "new" Delta management is treating us differently than the old Delta management, we will be open to the idea of unionization.  However, it will not default to the afa-CWA.  We will have to look at all of our options.

How do I help?

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Send mail to webmaster@deltafa.org with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: December 13, 2008