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Flight Attendant Compensation

How much do we make?  Many times, it depends on who you ask and what their motives are.  Deltafa.org has published these compensation charts as a resource for you to make up your own mind. 






15 Mar 2010 Delta Management Latest from the big "D" File
Summer 2009 TWU Publication for SWA F/A's.  Note: it does not have our announced raise File
20 Nov 2008 Delta Management Current Delta vs. Current NWA.  File
13 Feb 2008 Delta Management Delta vs. Everyone Else File
2008 IAM Not too in depth File
2007 MIT Geeks MIT industry average Compensation from DOT 41 Data Link
Sept. 2006 APFA (AA Union) The APFA Industry Compensation file is old. However, APFA does not have a dog in this fight, so it is probably the most unbiased source for historical information. File

Note:  We did not reproduce that silly little chart commissioned by the afa-CWA that tries to convince us that we make less because the people that they hired say we cost more.  It is inaccurate, and its data does not have any meaning in the earnings debate.


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Last modified: December 13, 2008