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Deltafa.org depends on you for information and direction.  Please send us any  information, suggestions, questions, comments, or ideas.  We also like Jelly Belly (TM) jelly beans.



Because of your participation, this site has become an effective clearing house for ideas and information, so please contimue to send us your input.


Although we are not able to respond to everyone, all correspondence will be read and mocked accordingly.


We reserve the right to publish hate mail, but only if it is funny.


If you are a mean spirited afa-CWA lawyer and are going to send us a demand letter of some sort, please send us an e-mail copy.  We share our P.O. box and do not check it often.


Electronic Mail

 (Preferred Method)
Feedback and General Information:     Feedback@deltafa.org
Webmaster:                                             webmaster@deltafa.org

Postal mail

P.O. Box 45586
Atlanta, GA 30320

Note: E-mail us if you send us postal mail so we know to pick it up.

Media Inquiries

At deltafa.org, we are trying to remain anonymous.  We do not want either management or the union to know who we are.  We enjoy our quiet obscurity.  However, we are glad to provide any assistance within these parameters.  We understand that this policy is frustrating to conscientious reporters who like to verify their sources.  If you are still interested, please contact media@deltafa.org. 


Government Inquiries

This site operates within the bounds of the law, and will cooperates with all legitimate legal  governmental inquiries.  Before issuing that subpoena, contact our governmental affairs department at legal@deltafa.org. We know the you NMB types do not have subpoena power.





Send mail to webmaster@deltafa.org with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: December 13, 2008