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Committee of One

Feeling left out?  Is the Committee of 1000 not for you?  Are the Solidarity Days,  e-mail, JoinTogether, and the way the afa-CWA conducts itself just too much?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Deltafa.org has the solution.

Join our Committee of One. We have easy credit, and no down payment.  There is no application.  No one is turned away.  We have a no hassle guarantee.

The Committee of One has no meetings. No e-mail to clog your mail box.   No overcrowding on Solidarity day in Atlanta. (Well, to be quite honest, that other committee does not have a crowding problem either.)

As a Committee of One member, there is no commitment.  If you want to show that you think for yourself and you do not need another 999 people to help you think, join now.  Or don't. We really don't care.   We only wanted a nifty "Committee" graphic on our site too, and we invented some copy to go beside it.

If you want to stimulate your local ACTivist, print out our low budget bag tag.  He or she will love you for it.


For some, this is a tough decision.  You may want to belong to a "committee," yet you are unsure about what committee is truly for you.  We have created the following chart to help you with your decision.

Committee of 0001/Committee of 1000 Comparison


Nifty Graphic


Financed by

couch change afa-CWA dues units (member F/A's)


No Yes


<1 < 1000


World Domination Paying dues to the afa-CWA


none none

Phone Tree

No Yes


No Yes

Will I be required to capitalize "ACT" in everything?

No Yes

Communication medium

None Rumor

In fighting

No Yes

Bag Tags

Yes Yes

Afraid of Plagiarism

No No

Expense Accounts

No Yes

"Solidarity" Days

No Yes


No Yes

Deltafa.org Talk

Yes No


No Yes

Tolerance of Dissent

Yes No


Yes No


No Yes


No Yes

Upload your very own Committee of One Avatar 80 x 80.  Perfect for message boards.

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Last modified: December 13, 2008